First I have to say this: It was truly God who  brought Ethan here.  Here’s a map:



We first met in May 2011, when Ethan came to the ranch to work for my dad. I was fifteen years old and he had just turned twenty.

In January 2012 Ethan asked if he could date me and my dad said no, I was too young, he could spend time with me but he had to keep it “strictly platonic”.


For the next four months we got to know each other better, went on long evening rides together and talked, spent time doing things with friends and sisters.  I liked him a lot by then, but he was doing such a good job heeding my dad that I wasn’t sure whether he liked me back.

IMG_9388 (2)

On June 1, 2012, my dad finally decided that I was old enough, and that everyone had been kept in enough suspense. Ethan asked me to date him and I said I would!

Kids and Family-129Kids and Family500-130IMG_0710

Over the last two years we’ve gotten plenty of teasing from all our friends and families (my grandma is the worst), but we’ve been very happy together and have learned a tremendous amount. Ever since we started dating we’ve had marriage in mind, so it should come as no surprise to you folks that Ethan proposed on October 22, 2013 (I suppose many of you knew about it before I did)! We are so excited about getting married on September 20!




Here’s the Proposal Story if you haven’t heard it. 🙂

He put a red rose on my saddle to give me an idea of what was going on.


resize 16
Here’s the country we rode in to get to the summit where Ethan proposed. resize3

You wouldn’t suspect anything of him, would you? resize4

He very patiently waited for me to take all my pictures. No, I didn’t know what was going on but I had an inkling and…I was stalling.


But I said, “We can’t just leave the horses there!” So Ethan reluctantly went to get them. The sun was going down.

Ethan seemed to be in a hurry about something.

It was right there by that sign. After Ethan had very dutifully tied up the horses, he said,

“Come over here, Abby.”

His sun was almost gone, but the light was still golden. He was down on his knee, and he was asking me a question.

I didn’t cry, or jump up and down, I just thought. And I looked at him, and I knew what I would say.  So I said yes.

The ring didn’t fit (it was too small, despite all the pains he had taken), and I kept on asking him if he was sure he really wanted to marry me.  I mean, after all, then he’d be stuck with me.  He was sure. He was laughing, and he was very relieved.

Of course, that’s only the beginning.




  1. Dennis and Alicia Stoltzfoos says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Your wedding cannot be anything but beautiful because of the beautiful people you are, both inside and out! Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has certainly blessed you both! Along with your wedding invitation, the pictures you have here are heart warming. You both make a beautiful couple!

  2. Jaycelin Jones says:

    Should I stop by Costco and buy tissues for my tears of joy or will the tissues be provided? 🙂 your love story is just so precious

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